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Episode 23 - Cardiac arrest, up close and personal: A discussion with @Lglaucomflecken

March 12, 2021

While we have focused on the science of targeted temperature management and other care strategies for critically ill survivors, it is important for us to remember that real people experience cardiac arrest and the consequences. In this unique episode, Dr. Benjamin Abella interviews Kristin Flanary, who jumped into action to provide 10 minutes of bystander CPR to her husband, Dr. Will Flanary, who has thankfully made a full recovery. You may know Kristin and Will as @lglaucomflecken and @dglaucomflecken , well-known on twitter – we are grateful that Kristin has chosen to go public with her story and support advocacy for cardiac arrest and post-arrest care.


Suggested readings on bystander CPR and survivorship:

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