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Episode 25 – Interpreting the TTM2 Trial – 33C versus Controlled Normothermia

June 17, 2021

A new multicenter trial published in NEJM, commonly known as the “TTM2” trial, evaluated treating patients resuscitated from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with targeted temperature management to 33C versus controlled normothermia, and found that outcomes were equivalent.  Does this mean the end of TTM as we know it? 

In this podcast, Dr. Benjamin Abella presents a comprehensive argument why he believes that such pronouncements are premature and not consistent with the larger body of laboratory and clinical science over the past 20 years. He discusses TTM2 in context of recent work from France (the Hyperion study), as well as work from the US and Japan, suggesting that patient selection is key.  TTM may not be needed for patients with favorable characteristics (witnessed arrest, bystander CPR, no evidence of shock) but still may be required for patients with less favorable characteristics (non-shockable arrest rhythms, no bystander CPR, evidence of shock).


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